The voices of women are raising in an alarming quantity. Women poets. Women musicians. Women speakers. Women teachers. Women with messages that must be heard are stepping in the limelight beautifully.

For centuries, it’s been “a man’s world”. The tide is changing and the voices of women are rising with a message of harmony, sanity and peace. Violence by hand, gun, chemical, pure neglect is diminishing. We are happy people on Earth, again.

According to Herstory, things are as we make them. We make them peaceful. We make them harmonious. We make things from abundance that surrounds us. We are co-Creators with the Universe. It is ours to create within. We create happiness and peace.

Reframing His-story


IYPAD goes unnoticed by media


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Afro-Latin Voices

Judge Not

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 11:11 AM, Joan Cartwright wrote:

The “judge not” mantra is ripping me in two. This country’s system is based upon judgment of people who are locked up ad infinitum. I’m sick of the biblical JOKES played on the people. And we never believe anything until the white man says it. So, share this with the Non-believers.

DINZULU-GENE-TINNIE words of wisdom

The following response is from artist, author, educator, and mystic Dinizulu Gene Tinnie:

According to W.E.B. DuBois, if I may paraphrase, everything in America rips us in two (his famous “twoness” experienced by the American Negro), so it is not surprising that you, like most of us, feel divided regarding “Judge not…”

For one thing, just for starters, the words come out of the current English translation of the Bible, which raises enough questions on its own even before one translation led to another (like the game of “telephone” at a party, where each repetition brings about some change, and that’s using the same language!)

An elder sister/mentor/friend/colleague of mine, many decades ago, shared the concept that for us to survive in this society, we have to “Reverse everything” that our self-declared enemies say.  If they say something is hot, it’s cold.  If they say it’s bad, it’s good.  Etc., etc.  I questioned the “everything” part of that, but she said, yes, absolutely everything.  As you see, I’ve never forgotten it because I have applied it so many times and gotten clarity from doing so.

That’s why I reject the whole “racial” paradigm that this society is built on because it is a contrivance that serves “them,” not us.  There is a HUMAN race, and we go from there.  At the same time, because we live amongst pathological criminals who consider our skin color to be a military uniform in a war that they have declared, I have no illusions as to how relevant that myth of “race” is to my survival.

And so it goes: The Twoness.

Regarding “Judge not…” my whole interpretation of that comes from reversing “their” ideology and tapping into our wisdom.  Long, long before these people invaded our lives, we had the wisdom of knowing to “hate the deed, not the doer,” or, in this case, to judge the deed, not the doer.  “Judge not,” to me refers to not making judgments like labeling or demonizing individuals or groups of people, because nobody is permanently good or bad or anything else.  We can start with ourselves for ready proof of that simple truth.  However, we do not deny the existence of deeds and actions that can be downright demonic and evil, causing destruction, pain, suffering, misery, divisiveness, confusion, and all the rest.

By not buying into the labels and convenient divisive categories of PEOPLE that our adversaries would want us to use, we are liberated from the deception and focused on what is real.  Individuals, including ourselves, are held accountable second by second for our actions.  No easy way out by thinking that belong to this or that group automatically makes us good or bad.  A lot more challenging proposition, more demanding, and more in tune with life and therefore more rewarding.

Not easy.  We rely on the wisdom of elders, like the old man in Alabama who said that one way to know the difference is to try not to do anything we are ashamed of while we are doing it.  Another friend offers the notion that “in life we are always confronted with two choices, and the more difficult of the two is ALWAYS the correct one.”

The list goes on and I have probably shared a few of those gems with you in the past, along with those notions about not knowing what trauma or emergency causes the driver next to us to be driving crazy, or what preoccupation made someone not return our greeting that morning, and so forth.

I find the traditional knowledge systems — African, other Native — to be reliable sources to help us negotiate the “twoness” thing on our terms.  When we learn from those traditions that there isn’t even any such thing as “us” or “them,” we are even more liberated from the madness — which is comprised of human actions, not necessarily tied to any particular human except at the time they are happening, and even less to any artificially contrived group.

I heard that the Human Genome Project showed the closest relationship between any two groups of people identified by their DNA was between Finnish Lapplanders and Australian Aborigines.  Go figger.  Even more to the point, 98.2% of human DNA is absolutely identical, so ALL of our perceptible differences are accounted for by 1.8% of who we are genetically.

WE are the ones who have to lead the march back to sanity.

See the poem below by Abby Lincoln.

Thanks for the Jordan Maxwell video.  Very interesting and informative.  Following his own advice, there’s quite a bit to question there, but he is one of many who are on the track of awakening us to think more and fear less.  No surprise that he is a friend and disciple of Dick Gregory.

Peace & Blessings,


Where are the Afrikan Gods?

jc-abbeyBy Abbey Lincoln

Where are the Afrikan Gods?
Did they leave us on our journey over here?
Will we know them,
When they “suddenly” appear?
The ones “dismissed with
“rock and roll”
“all that jazz”
“jungle” mumbo jumbo and
“razz ma tazz”

Where are the Afrikan Gods
Who will save us
From This

Where are the Afrikan Gods
Will we find them
When we “pray”
“In jesus name?”

Where are the Afrikan Gods
Who Lived and
Set Us Free

WE are the Afrikan Gods
You Know
YOU and ME


  • Does the thorn make the rose imperfect?

    Perfection is a concept, not the thing itself. ~ Diva JC

    Joan Cartwright's photo.



I am in the process of being what I AM.

Perfection is in every second of my being.

It is a perspective that I have about myself.

Outward critique bears no weight upon who I AM.



2014-06-25 19.00.53Love and Light



False Labels

In the wake of the Charleston assassination of a State Senator and Pastor of the oldest AME Church who advocated for cameras placed on police officers and higher wages for workers, this video came to light.

This was a distraction for something. Hillary Clinton was fundraising in Charleston, right down the street from the church.

Jeb Bush was to appear in Charleston on that same day, June 16, 2015, but cancelled his trip.


We, the people, must stop believing what we see on TV and hear in other media. Use your own discernment. This was not a racist act. This was an assassination. It is national terrorism.


Create Possibility

indonesian refugees cartoon

I think it’s people with very very small minds.


Looking at photos of major cities, they are overflowing with people,

countryside1 countryside2 countryside-road

while countryside upon countryside is pristine and vacant.

indonesian refugees4 indonesian refugees5 indonesian refugees6

indonesian refugees3

These people need an angel.

indonesian refugees

I’m calling on all the angels to inspire and motivate some land developer to create space for these people while giving them the work to build their own community on some vacant land, which there is plenty of. One Angelic Developer can solve this problem.

Walmart Waltons

Even if it’s The Walton family among the richest families in the world. The three most prominent living members, Jim, Alice and Rob, have consistently been in the top ten of the Forbes 400 since 2001, as were John (d. 2005) and Helen (d. 2007) prior to their deaths. 


Their wealth inherited from Bud and Sam Walton, founders of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.


Christy Walton took her husband John’s place after his death. Just think of the media Walmart would get from this philanthropic act of kindness. After the community is built with a shopping mall or two, these people can work at the mall and the new Walmart and all of the home furnishings, food, and whatever else they need can be purchased at Walmart.

There is always a solution. It just takes the right people being at the right place at the right time.

Diva JC

Saving Someone

The Savior Syndrome left us with the inkling that it takes someone else to save us or that we must be instrumental in the saving of others. We’re all guilty in one way or another.


Motherhood is the beginning of this learned behavior for the child and the mother, the nurturer, the provider of sustenance. Fathers sometimes find themselves outside of the equation. They settle for being second best but those that know stay long enough to benefit from the gratitude. By that time the child has grown into her or his own person and is peripherally there with the parent whose job was to protect, defend, and provide for the child.  It’s a recurring theme among people, except for those who did not have parents that were there for them.

It’s a battle for those who did have parents or even just one parent, even though the nurturing buffered to the outside world. Nevertheless, life presents people with challenges unseen, until it’s over.

The basis of this discussion is being saved or being a savior.  It’s cyclical for those that get caught up in it. It goes round and round from oppressed to oppressor and back again. The solution is self-sufficiency, not anticipating the care of others, unless absolutely necessary. Being saved is something we’re not always prepared for. It’s the same with saving others, unless you’re aware that people need to be saved from some evil or plight, in which case you’re a conscious being.

In that case, consciousness leads you to do what is necessary, when and where it’s necessary. There’s no guessing. It’s written in stone, clear as day.  But doting on saving others is vanity. You can lead people to water but you cannot make them hydrate. Point out the well and let them dip for themselves. You are a way shower and that’s it.

That’s enough. You can be a beacon, a light in the life of others but you cannot choose for them. That is their prerogative. Live and let live. Save yourself for saving yourself when it’s necessary. Be stressless. Minimize the drama. Breathe. Love.

On Counting

frog in roseAll  is possible 

We are up to 3 Ha Ha

Let’s see what will be 

~ Joan Cartwright
My fascination with haiku – a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables – began in college, where I wrote poetry in all forms.
Many of us have dreams that never come to fruition. Don’t stop dreaming.
We lay our dream aside until the right time comes along. Don’t stop dreaming.
Our dreams are mists in the night that disappear by morning. Don’t stop dreaming.kittyunicornbutterfly
Keep your dream close to your heart and your mind will know the answer.
While your soul plays the chords, your imagination can be the dancer.
~ Joan Cartwright

Women’s History Month

Today is the 5th day of Women’s History Month but Herstory is what will be told.


In email, I received an invitation to participate in a survey about sex, contraception, or abortion: www.academia.edu/s/4480eccbbc parentsof4

This was my response: Young Family Having Fun In Park

The first thought that came to my mind is the lyric from Cole Porter

Birds do it

Bees do it

Even educated fleas do it

Let’s do it

Let’s fall in love

Next, I thought, are we over-intellectualizing the procreation of the human race?top_for_parents

Then, I thought, how many girls have been pregnant before the “legal” age set by society not really very long ago. And I conclude, people fall in love, have sex, and boom, there’s another person.


What the real question is: Can every couple afford to make a baby in a society that classes human beings on a scale of from rich to poor?

This nauseated me in that even I qualify other people on what they look like, do, and have. The fact is girls will fall in love with boys until “Kingdom Come”, whatever that insinuates. How they control their progeny is the focus of another study that may produce solutions besides blocking the sperm, ending the existence of the fetus, or abstaining from sex, until one is ready and able to support the person(s) that issue from the urge to cohabit with another human-producing person.

And then, the whole issue of men loving men and women loving women, without the issue of procreation. The outliers in this group have another story to tell. So many ways to look at love. ~ DJC