Going Home

I just returned from a much needed vacation on the island where my father was born, Long Island, Bahamas. See all the photos here.

At the zoo in Nassau, Bahamas

We visited a zoo in Nassau before returning to Florida.

Atlantic coast of Long Island Bahamas

I loved the eastern coast of Long Island, on the Atlantic Ocean.

Computer Fraud

I’ve come to the end of the road with computer fraud. Scamming companies that send you an email with a link to how you can win a FREE LAPTOP by opting into other programs. At first, I was told to choose 2 offers. I picked Netflix and government grants. Then, I was told I needed to pick 9 more. That’s when I knew it was a scam. I got one netflix movie, watched it, cancelled the account and sent the movie back.

On top of never getting a laptop, I’ve received over 400 spammed emails, since the day I clicked that link!

Today, I’m fighting back! I found this site – www.ripoffreport.com and filed this report against Far End Services, Inc. and at  www.econsumer.gov – reference #24835476.

United States of America
Phone: 8664514292
Web Address: www.onlineidentityvault.com

Category: Computer Fraud

Submitted: Sunday, December 06, 2009
Posted: Sunday, December 06, 2009
I click a link in an email for a FREE DELL LAPTOP and of course, got a hundred offers that I had to choose 2 from. I chose the NETFLIX 2-week trial and Government Grants. I cancelled both of them the following week. Then, I got two charges on my credit card for $24.13 for SUP*POWERPLATFORM 866-3519646 and $79.17 for SUP*GROWTHTOOLS 866-4514292.

I could not dispute these charges until they were actually debited from my account. Then, when I called the numbers, I was told that these were customer service centers and these two accounts had been cancelled but my money would not be refunded because I should have read the small print stating that these charges would be made to my account.

This is an outrage that companies are allowed to do business like this. I am willing to participate in any suits or class action suits against these companies.

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As a consumer, I should know better. But, like thousands of others, I didn’t and now, I’m out of $103.30.

These companies should be brought to justice for knowingly ripping off American consumers.

Here’s the company information:

Farend Services Ltd.
PO Box 22100 E 26th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80019
Internet Internet
United States of America
Phone:  8664514235
Web Address:  Onlinecashsuccesskit.com

Quick Profit Kit

PO Box 22100 E. 26th St
Aurora Colorado 80019
United States of America
Phone:  8664514325
Web Address:  http://www.quickprofitkit.com/

More complaints about these companies:

Legacy on the Land and Homeless

Legacy on the Land

In 1998, Frank and Audrey Peterman won the The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Award for Outstanding Citizen Advocacy on Behalf of the National Parks, 1998. Of course, I was proud of them and knew that they deserved this honor, after witnessing their hard work to bring African-Americans to the awareness of the splendor of our National Parks. But, in good consciousness, I had to ask Audrey if there would be as many homeless people in America, if the National Parks were accessible to everyone, like land was before the European colonialists arrived.

My contention was and still is that a great percentage of human beings are nomadic and the forests are where they would live, if they were not designated as National Parks.

Since I knew the Petermans had the ear of National Parks administrators, I suggested that they propose that several acres of the parks could be developed as free camping grounds and lodges to house those who would normally travel from site to site, similar to how Native Americans did six centuries ago. To my chagrin, Audrey skimmed over my idea and the discussion ended abruptly.

Now, 11 years later, I’m reading their newly published book, LEGACY ON THE LAND and truly enjoying Audrey’s descriptive writing of the couples joyous romps through the Badlands and other vistas of our glorious country. Yet, homelessness is evident in higher numbers as thousands of American families are evicted from their apartments and foreclosed homes. Mothers and their children are living in their vehicles, while the National Parks stand in pristine and lavish splendor. There is definitely something immoral and downright wrong with this.

Continued at http://nativeamericablues.ning.com