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I’ve come to the end of the road with computer fraud. Scamming companies that send you an email with a link to how you can win a FREE LAPTOP by opting into other programs. At first, I was told to choose 2 offers. I picked Netflix and government grants. Then, I was told I needed to pick 9 more. That’s when I knew it was a scam. I got one netflix movie, watched it, cancelled the account and sent the movie back.

On top of never getting a laptop, I’ve received over 400 spammed emails, since the day I clicked that link!

Today, I’m fighting back! I found this site – and filed this report against Far End Services, Inc. and at – reference #24835476.

United States of America
Phone: 8664514292
Web Address:

Category: Computer Fraud

Submitted: Sunday, December 06, 2009
Posted: Sunday, December 06, 2009
I click a link in an email for a FREE DELL LAPTOP and of course, got a hundred offers that I had to choose 2 from. I chose the NETFLIX 2-week trial and Government Grants. I cancelled both of them the following week. Then, I got two charges on my credit card for $24.13 for SUP*POWERPLATFORM 866-3519646 and $79.17 for SUP*GROWTHTOOLS 866-4514292.

I could not dispute these charges until they were actually debited from my account. Then, when I called the numbers, I was told that these were customer service centers and these two accounts had been cancelled but my money would not be refunded because I should have read the small print stating that these charges would be made to my account.

This is an outrage that companies are allowed to do business like this. I am willing to participate in any suits or class action suits against these companies.

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As a consumer, I should know better. But, like thousands of others, I didn’t and now, I’m out of $103.30.

These companies should be brought to justice for knowingly ripping off American consumers.

Here’s the company information:
Farend Services Ltd.
PO Box 22100 E 26th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80019
Internet Internet
United States of America
Phone:  8664514235
Web Address:

Quick Profit Kit

PO Box 22100 E. 26th St
Aurora Colorado 80019
United States of America
Phone:  8664514325
Web Address:

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