Computer Fraud

I’ve come to the end of the road with computer fraud. Scamming companies that send you an email with a link to how you can win a FREE LAPTOP by opting into other programs. At first, I was told to choose 2 offers. I picked Netflix and government grants. Then, I was told I needed to pick 9 more. That’s when I knew it was a scam. I got one netflix movie, watched it, cancelled the account and sent the movie back.

On top of never getting a laptop, I’ve received over 400 spammed emails, since the day I clicked that link!

Today, I’m fighting back! I found this site – and filed this report against Far End Services, Inc. and at – reference #24835476.

United States of America
Phone: 8664514292
Web Address:

Category: Computer Fraud

Submitted: Sunday, December 06, 2009
Posted: Sunday, December 06, 2009
I click a link in an email for a FREE DELL LAPTOP and of course, got a hundred offers that I had to choose 2 from. I chose the NETFLIX 2-week trial and Government Grants. I cancelled both of them the following week. Then, I got two charges on my credit card for $24.13 for SUP*POWERPLATFORM 866-3519646 and $79.17 for SUP*GROWTHTOOLS 866-4514292.

I could not dispute these charges until they were actually debited from my account. Then, when I called the numbers, I was told that these were customer service centers and these two accounts had been cancelled but my money would not be refunded because I should have read the small print stating that these charges would be made to my account.

This is an outrage that companies are allowed to do business like this. I am willing to participate in any suits or class action suits against these companies.

Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on Far End

As a consumer, I should know better. But, like thousands of others, I didn’t and now, I’m out of $103.30.

These companies should be brought to justice for knowingly ripping off American consumers.

Here’s the company information:
Farend Services Ltd.
PO Box 22100 E 26th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80019
Internet Internet
United States of America
Phone:  8664514235
Web Address:

Quick Profit Kit

PO Box 22100 E. 26th St
Aurora Colorado 80019
United States of America
Phone:  8664514325
Web Address:

More complaints about these companies:


One response to “Computer Fraud

  1. Congrats, you are now an honorary solider in the fight to get rid of the scum that inhabit the internet just for the purpose of making an easy buck. I’ve found many of these so called companies are nothing more than sham sites, many are offshore and all are run by professional crooks. My solution was for America to pass a law that would allow bounties to be placed on the heads of anyone suspected of fraudulent internet practices. Unfortunately, the State Department balked when I wanted to make payment of the bounties ‘Dead or Alive’! 🙂

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