What is Ascension?

Divine Connection Church

ascensionIs ASCENSION real for everyone?

Will each of us make our ascension like Jesus?

What are the Symptoms of Ascension?

Mankind is hindered in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan only insofar as desire does not reflect the desire of God to be everywhere, which is the fulfillment of life, truth and love. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus surrendered all lesser desires to the greater desire of the Universal Self and the entire weight of the momentum of energy in the desire body propelled the fulfillment of the Will of God, out picturing the soul’s own blueprint in the four lower bodies.

The fulfillment of the law will prepare all mankind to make the final initiation as they ascend into their higher selves. However, a strong, disciplined mind is necessary to overcome carnal desires of the intellectual mind projected through the mass consciousness.

To forgive is to remove…

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Stop the War on Women!

A female activist holding a placard stands amongst men during a protest against family violence near the parliament and government palace in Beirut

Watch PURPLE IS LIFE ON TAR TV with The Arts Reporter Mimi Johnson at 7 pm EST, tonight, at www.mimijohnson.net, when host Mimi Johnson and guest Tamiko Lowry of The Still Standing Foundation discuss domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a serious threat for many women. 

Know the signs of an abusive relationship and how to leave a dangerous situation.

Rise Up Now is an awareness and mobilization site designed to help American women fight back against assaults on their rights. In tribute to the generations of feminists who preceded us, we cannot accept anything less than full gender equality.  Visit the blog: www.womenriseupnow.wordpress.com.

Disturbing statistics about people in prison:

Verbal Abuse of the Religious

life of a female bible warrior

We should all know by now that verbal abuse and thus EMOTIONAL abuse of anyone is akin to a batterer who physically abuses and persecutes his victims. Verbally abusing another is emotional battery and unfortunately, this kind of persecution is now occurring to the religious all over the internet on a variety of social sites where people congregate. This is not okay! This kind of abuse must not be minimized. Why?

It is imperative that when a society is being set up to accept horrific actions and behaviors, (think Hitler/Nazism/Jewish), that the society is first de-sensitized to the horrors that are coming. Almost all physical battering begins with verbal or emotional abuse. It’s not a giant leap to go from this verbal persecution to the attempt to harm others physically.

I believe that society is being prepared to accept the abuse of the religious, or those who believe in Jesus…

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Western Thought and the African Dilemma

For the Black American community, music has been our greatest ally. It has swept contempt from the corners of our oppressor’s mind that the broom of justice could never reach.

Nicholas Payton

The world is very troubled right now and I think a large part of that is due to how most people have been conditioned to think. Just the idea of thought itself is problematic. To many, thought is often seen as an active proposition — but at its best — thinking is more of a passive state. Thought is very elusive, as the harder you think, the less thoughtful you are.

The mind is like a glass; it’s most useful when empty.

The question is: With what are we filling that glass?

When Europeans colonized, raped and pillaged Africa, it wrought devastation upon the Motherland from which she still has yet to recover. Of all the atrocities the Europeans committed against Mother Africa and her peoples, perhaps the biggest was Christianity. Of all the infectious disease they brought with them, religion may have been the worst. The Europeans’ distorted recount…

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