Verbal Abuse of the Religious

life of a female bible warrior

We should all know by now that verbal abuse and thus EMOTIONAL abuse of anyone is akin to a batterer who physically abuses and persecutes his victims. Verbally abusing another is emotional battery and unfortunately, this kind of persecution is now occurring to the religious all over the internet on a variety of social sites where people congregate. This is not okay! This kind of abuse must not be minimized. Why?

It is imperative that when a society is being set up to accept horrific actions and behaviors, (think Hitler/Nazism/Jewish), that the society is first de-sensitized to the horrors that are coming. Almost all physical battering begins with verbal or emotional abuse. It’s not a giant leap to go from this verbal persecution to the attempt to harm others physically.

I believe that society is being prepared to accept the abuse of the religious, or those who believe in Jesus…

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