I Intend

An email I received advised me to put my intentions for my life in words. This is my response:

  • I intend to live my life in peace and comfort with no barriers to wisdom and abundance.
  • I want to live like this to be happy and an example to everyone who knows me because my purpose is to bring joy to and out of others.
  • I trust that my Higher Self is guiding me to act and say all that will bring me the best in my life so that I may be a beacon for others.
  • All challenges are lessons that I need to learn and reflect on.
  • I celebrate all of my successes and achievements with regard to personal accomplishments that will increase the opportunities and wealth of my family and friends.
  • I appreciate everything the Universe has lain at my doorstep and accept all future gifts of Spirit.


Warning to Black Men and Women

Did no one think to COMMUNICATE with John Crawford III before shooting him to death?
The system was not designed to be fair. It was designed to keep people like him rich at the expense of people like her. It is now time to WAKE UP and re-imagine another scenario for yourself and others that do not appear to be progressing. You were created for a purpose and it has nothing to do with the purpose of people like HIM, unless you allow it to be about his purpose instead of YOURS. Entrepreneurship is the only solution being underpaid by a corporation that doesn’t value you enough to provide you with benefits for your family. YOU are responsible for your life. Not HIM or THEM or Me. No, YOU must take life by the reins and steer your carriage in the direction of purpose, position, progress, and persistence.