On White Supremacy

black-white-manAll pedagogy aside, from a cultural, communications, and business pov, and with regard Daryl Scott‘s statement that “White supremacy is not simply an ideology, a condition, or an analytical concept. It is often a movement with real people who would like to oppress you–to dominate you and perhaps even exterminate you,” in my humble opinion, ‘white supremacy’ is a delusional myth of a group of people that discovered gunpowder in China and proceeded to use it against everyone else, including themselves. GUNS are the tools of any type of SUPREMACY. For without GUNS small white people would be overruled by larger African people.

american-genocideLikewise, the killing temperament of people who would dominate other people should, by all means, turn in on the perpetrators, once those with a peaceful and loving temperament become the majority on Earth and see fit to punish the pirates and murderers for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. The recent political outcome bears witness to the fact that the Western Empire is tumbling, crumbling, and spiraling down into the abyss. Certainly, there are enough good people being good speakers by following good ethical principles by this late date. Perhaps, we should turn away from teaching HIStory, altogether, and simply teach ETHICS, which could develop good people who practice morality, fairness, justice, kindness, and love.


We can debate supremacy all we want. It has no basis because, after all, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” However, as Dr. Claude Anderson has insisted “the pursuit of Happiness” really means “the pursuit of Property” for Europeans. Therefore, supremacy might be based on how many acres of land a person or group of people hold.


Harlan Hollenbeck wrote: Because those who conquer write the history books, and they do so in a way to excuse their atrocities. But the truth and our ancestors’ stories still live inside us!

The fact that most of that acreage in the Americas was stolen from indigenous peoples by European colonialists could indicate that whites are superior. However, the fall of the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Empires, along with the fall of the Third Reich are good indicators that the fall of this decadent white supremacist conglomerate is predictable and predicated upon the delusional myth of the supremacy of one group over another or others.



1originalhumanShock Metaphysics Melanin Mandate (#20)
The Fear of Being DNA Deficient and Finding Out You Ain’t’ Sh..!

I woke up this morning to a jaw-dropping comment by “Perfections Paint Wine Sip” on my interview with A.P. Brooks on her nine-year, researched book, SKIN: A Matter of Race https://goo.gl/yQkBtZ. She wrote:

Amazing conversation and confirmation! So now instead of using videos and visuals and Diop’s Two Cradle Theory to share how the European nature was developed to include how vicious they treated each other to understand why we had no chance and never will I will definitely suggest reading A Matter of Race!!! <—So excited and I will purchase the book too!

That said if we understand that race was a construct to conquer and divide to which gave birth the delusional backwards false concept of white skin supremacy and pseudo-science that are directly responsible for further spiraling the minds of racist whites into a self-created, self-refueling gene altering generational insanity why do we respond to such psychotic behavior as if our skin color is in part or the reason for their psychosis? Isn’t that a glaring neon sign of dysfunctional (PTSS/PTSD behavior?

We do not die while driving black or denied equal justice because we are black! All of the horrors we have experienced for centuries is rooted in and is because of a people with a deeply embedded mind wound caused and created by their own cycled through generations! <—What does my skin color have to do with their inability to accept or deal with other human beings who skin color differs? That is their narrative and reality forced on all other human beings! <–Power is the ability to define reality and to have other people respond to your definition as if it were their own. – Dr. Wade Noble

Marching begging and shouting black lives matter will never change anything because it is the other half of the lie to include it falls on deaf ears polluted by a distorted twisted mind that has no issues with their behaviors or horrific historical actions! So in my view to fight racism and find solutions to our conditions based on our skin color is just a dysfunctional as it bolsters the augment of race rather than the truth which is these people are PSYCHOTIC and have no intention of changing!

Without therapeutic interventions to relieve the racist mind of it distortions that lead to the vilest, barbaric acts on human beings and the planet IN THE HISTORY OF MAN that continues to date we will never live in peace with them! HOW?

We are NOT their therapist and we already have the burden of relieving the effects on our minds as we have been attempting to exist in an unnatural backward hostile environment that was intended to breed dysfunctional behaviors!

IN RESEARCH CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION! “Correlation is not causation” means that just because two things correlate does not necessarily mean that one causes the other. <–My skin color did not create the deeply embedded distorted mind wound that racist whites suffer from nor is their inherent barbaric nature caused by my dark skin!

In that, regard isn’t it about time we dealt with this matter in truth as it is healing for the mind wounds we have incurred by forced and brutal interaction with a people who are extremely hostile and psychotic.

After reflecting on “Perfections Paint Wine Sip” comment and my last two interviews with A.P. Brooks (https://goo.gl/yQkBtZ) and Dr. Jacqueline Battalora’s, Birth of a White Supremacist Nation (https://goo.gl/HAzcD2), I began looking at the history of the Eurasian from the time they emerged out of the caves.

They have been forced by nature to learn how to do only two things well. 1) divide and conquer and 2) preserve “whiteness”. I use quotation marks for whiteness because the term “white” as it relates to race and a group of people didn’t come into existence and law until 1681 before the founding constitution of America.

Nonetheless, every melanated person born in the US has never known the true North. We have individually and collectively always had to respond to Eurasians color sickness known as racism. It is thanks, in part, to Dr. Francis Cress Welsing’s work in the ISIS Papers (http://amzn.to/2gzWn3b) and how she discovered they developed what was known as #ReactionFormation and #PsychologicalProjection.

Reaction Formation is the tendency of a repressed wish or feeling to be expressed at a conscious level in a contrasting form. When you want something or want to BE something so bad, which in their case is to have color and be able to create color (procreate) that you consciously begin to despise and hate a group of people (the majority) to the detriment of your own good.

Psychological Projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. As Psychological Projection relates to race, it is called White Fragility (https://goo.gl/57lHOq). This is how and why “whites” scream “white lives matter”, deny “white” privilege exists, despise affirmative action, and actually have the nerve to say, we are racist towards them; LMBAO, SMDH!

Just think about the genetic deficiencies in their non-melanated skin? Realize that they have never invented or created ANYTHING original because they were never chosen first by Nature to walk the Earth!

One of the Philippe Matthews Show’s experts, Dr. Louann Brizendine (https://goo.gl/R4J8Ss) sent this email to a few days after her appearance on the show:

I think you will deeply appreciate this:
“…each of us can trace our mitochondrial DNA lineage to a single human female who existed in Africa about two hundred thousand years ago. She is the common mother of our species. We do not know what she looked like, although her closest modern-day relatives are women of the San tribe from Botswana or Namibia.”…pg 338 THE GENE by S. Mukherjee 2016 especially read Part Five, the chapter called “So, We’s the Same” p329-351

Happy Sunday my friend,
Dr B

The fact that they have attempted to erase a history of a people who first populated the planet. The fact that they are barbaric in nature because they have a genetic fear of annihilation. They want to matter so badly. They want to belong and be accepted by Melanated people, but they don’t and never will so it creates epigenetic hate (https://goo.gl/R4J8Ss) that is PROJECTED outward onto anyone who is not like them.

Their DNA is deficient and relies on Melanin to survive. They are grossly afraid that the world will see them for who they really are, so they are compelled to purchase arsenals of guns out of fear that once Melanated Americans figure out that they are not powerful, never built or created anything; we would be justified in executing them on sight. This is their inherent, internal fear. When you live below your genetic potential, you must create a narcissistic, center of the universe or god complex (https://goo.gl/yQkBtZ).

Long after they left the caves, when you look at the history of Europe, you will begin to see how these barbaric minds/brains began to shape and form this conquer all mentality. They simply want to exist as a dominant race even though they are a minority in the world.


Imagine living with that type of fear? You have to live and work around the very people you continually oppress and hope they won’t turn around and kill you when they wake up to your shallow veil of oppression. Once melanated people realize “whites” genetic fear, racism, and oppression of any kind can no longer control or influence us, melanated Americans will be forced to respond to racism. This is why protesting for the sake of protesting does not work. You are fighting an effect with another effect. You are trying to put a bandage on a symptom and not able to see or cure the cause. You can’t fight or conquer something you don’t understand or can’t see. Racism lurks in the shadows of the #CognitiveDissonace mind (https://goo.gl/bIqpoR).

Learn how to raise your frequency to see beyond the veil of racism. Racism is merely an effect of a DNA deficient species that is a mutation from the ice age, an insecure people who will never be able to be Melanated or produce Melanated offspring. Particularly “whites” (men) of America who must have guns to feel safe and protected from the fear of insurrection or another #BeaconsRebellion or #NatTurner rebellion (https://goo.gl/9XRKT7).

With this deeper look and understanding of the racist minds of “whites” in America and the world at large, you can look at most of them and honestly say: #youaintshit!

#FracisCressWelsing, #ReactionFormation, #NatTurner, #PsychologicalProjection, #IsisPapers, #MentalSlavery, #divideandconquer, #dnadeficient, #youaintshit, #CognitiveDissonace, #PTSS, #BeaconsRebellion, #PsychologicalProjection

– Saint Xavier University Students Challenge Institutionalized White Supremacy https://goo.gl/fV7W9V
– Birth of a White Supremacist Nation with Dr. Jacqueline Battalora https://goo.gl/HAzcD2
– Dr. Louann Brizendine on the Male HATE Brain https://goo.gl/R4J8Ss

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Helen Burleson

Helen Burleson, Ph.D


By Helen L. Burleson, Doctor of Public Administration

I am exhausted listening to people talking about their exhaustion defending the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. As I listened to the lady at the recent town hall meeting who said she was exhausted with trying to defend President Obama to others who are disenchanted, I became even more exhausted.

Not once did I hear her say that she was exhausted with the obstructionisms, the odious smears, innuendos and lies being told about our president. I also did not hear her say that she would do all she could to discourage the GOP from blocking and preventing most of the progressive, humane agenda that the president has laid out to benefit all of America’s citizens. What is so troubling to me is that Democrats are sitting back and allowing the tea party and the Republicans to dominate the conversation by perverting all the good the Obama Administration is doing. These detractors are deliberately twisting and distorting the truth. Their 24/7 attention to the constant repetition of lies has so numbed and confused the average person that they are accepting these lies as the truth.

I am exhausted listening to people criticizing and disrespecting our president.

I am exhausted listening to all the ranting and ravings of the tea partiers and ultra conservative Republicans, all designed to derail the Obama presidency.

I’m exhausted realizing how many stupid, non-thinking and easily manipulative people there are in the United States of America.

I’m exhausted witnessing how the American education system has deteriorated to the point that Americans are ready to embrace mediocrity, ignorance and prejudice. We have produced a nation of automatons and clones who are incapable of thinking and cannot make decisions that are in their own best interests.

I’m exhausted knowing that President Obama inherited the biggest and most chaotic and devastating situation ever to occur in American history.

Today, September 23, 2010, the Republicans came out with their manifesto which in essence will paralyze America. To return to the policies that put our country in the greatest financial crisis since the original Depression of 1929 is criminal. They openly admit that they will dismantle all the progressive programs advanced and passed by the Obama Administration.

Now if you want to see exhaustion, wait and do nothing and let the Republicans replay their scenario of man’s inhumanity to man, catering to the rich and powerful, decimating the middle class and totally dissolving the lower class until they become the underbelly of society.

Should the Democrats be negligent enough because of lack of fervor to allow a Republican takeover, then I want to hear that same lady who so eloquently dressed the President down for the millions of people all over the world to see and hear; I want her to speak out. Speak out if she has a voice left after bemoaning our country going to hell in a hand basket as they take us back to the conflagration that put us in the condition we are in now. Dante’s Inferno could be no worse.

You think you’ve got it bad now? Why? Is it because you are ungrateful for all this Administration has produced despite the obstreperousness of the right wingers? It will be worse than during the Bush Administration because we have not learned from history or psychology. Doing the same failed things over and over gets the same failed results.

It is time for Democrats to stop moaning and groaning and to knock on every door, open the white pages and call everyone in the telephone directory to save our country. We have a good team and it is getting better. We have made enormous strides and progress in less than two years. The jobs are coming and they will be created here in America to make products by Americans and for Americans so that we can all get above the flood waters that we have been drowning in because of the Bush years – eight to be exact. Painstakingly these were eight years of mismanagement, pandering to the rich and the elite, shipping our jobs overseas depriving American workers of the ability to sustain themselves, and running up overwhelming debt while borrowing money to fund two wars. We have destroyed lives and properties in two countries, simultaneously; and, now we are rebuilding what we have torn down. Our own infrastructure is outdated and seriously in need of repair or replacement. Let’s bring our money home to take care of home. We had an ill conceived education program which did nothing except further dumb down America’s children and turn them into drones for passing tests. It did not matter that they were not learning or gaining knowledge or being prepared as lifetime learners, as long as they could pass these arbitrary tests, they were passed along.

Is this what we want for our children, America? Is this what we want for ourselves? Haven’t we suffered enough, America? If you say yes, then do something about it. If you don’t have genuine enthusiasm, fake it until you make it. Don’t allow our country to become paralyzed again with ill prepared, ill informed tea partiers replacing knowledgeable, forward thinking Democrats. Let’s go forward! Let’s defeat the prognosticators! Let’s take our country back to the Clinton years, to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt years, to the good old days when a man and a woman who were willing to work were able to find a good paying job and then be able to circulate money within our country to stimulate our economy so we can again know the prosperity that wiser, humane Administrations created for us. This is our Democracy, let’s practice what is necessary to sustain a thriving Democracy by voting for the Democratic lawmen who really and truly practice, COUNTRY FIRST. It is time to EXHAUST all your energies and your resources to keep the bums out! We don’t need witchcraft or voodoo economics, we don’t need to be paralyzed. We need a functioning, thriving Democracy where all of her citizens are given an equal opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness. This is what we owe ourselves. This is what we owe our children and their children and their children’s children. This is America. We are Americans. Let’s start acting like Americans who have always heeded the call to treat the least of these as we would want to be treated ourselves. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. This is our manifest destiny!