People better wake up!

Bob Woodward: “People better wake up to what’s going on” in the Oval Office

People in this country better WAKE UP, period.

  • What is going on in their homes – their children are becoming drones.
  • What is happening in their workplace – top execs are cleaning up, while they starve.
  • What is going on in the doctors’ offices – people are dying from Big Pharma bribing doctors to give them prescription drugs.
  • What is happening with utilities – water is poison, G5 is set to fry their brains.
  • What is going on in their cities – infrastructure is caving in.
  • What is going on in their schools – children and college students cannot read and write.
  • What is going on on this planet – fires, melting ice, floods, etc., etc., etc.
  • The White House is only the commode, where all of this is being flushed down the drain!

“American men and women [must] resume their rightful stature as the masters and mistresses of their own lives and fortunes, just as was intended by the founders of this great country” (

Achieving that end involves

  1. Gaining an accurate understanding of our legal, economic, and political structure as designed and implemented in our fundamental law
  2. Learning how that structure has come to be widely misunderstood by the American people, generally,
  3. Learning how that general misunderstanding is broadly and deeply exploited by private interests
  4. Standing up and insisting that the law be administered and upheld as written.

It’s that simple! (


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