Saving Someone

The Savior Syndrome left us with the inkling that it takes someone else to save us or that we must be instrumental in the saving of others. We’re all guilty in one way or another.


Motherhood is the beginning of this learned behavior for the child and the mother, the nurturer, the provider of sustenance. Fathers sometimes find themselves outside of the equation. They settle for being second best but those that know stay long enough to benefit from the gratitude. By that time the child has grown into her or his own person and is peripherally there with the parent whose job was to protect, defend, and provide for the child.  It’s a recurring theme among people, except for those who did not have parents that were there for them.

It’s a battle for those who did have parents or even just one parent, even though the nurturing buffered to the outside world. Nevertheless, life presents people with challenges unseen, until it’s over.

The basis of this discussion is being saved or being a savior.  It’s cyclical for those that get caught up in it. It goes round and round from oppressed to oppressor and back again. The solution is self-sufficiency, not anticipating the care of others, unless absolutely necessary. Being saved is something we’re not always prepared for. It’s the same with saving others, unless you’re aware that people need to be saved from some evil or plight, in which case you’re a conscious being.

In that case, consciousness leads you to do what is necessary, when and where it’s necessary. There’s no guessing. It’s written in stone, clear as day.  But doting on saving others is vanity. You can lead people to water but you cannot make them hydrate. Point out the well and let them dip for themselves. You are a way shower and that’s it.

That’s enough. You can be a beacon, a light in the life of others but you cannot choose for them. That is their prerogative. Live and let live. Save yourself for saving yourself when it’s necessary. Be stressless. Minimize the drama. Breathe. Love.

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