My Awakened Friend Judy Joy Jones



A musician friend of mine lives in New York City and tells me how many homeless people there are everywhere and how NYC reminds her more and more of Calcutta, India. People live in cardboard boxes, on bridges, in streets and everywhere.

I thought of Mayor Bloomberg and what an example he could make to try and house the homeless. I am wondering why mayors are paid: to do what? They allow their citizens to go hungry and die on streets.

I wrote this poem about the horrid suffering of the homeless because I couldn’t really believe that the mayor who is supposed to take care of the citizens of a city was not doing so.

We all go to sleep every night with the grim realities of the unimaginable suffering of homeless people in New York CIty — and most cities.



mayor bloomberg

is king for day

but could be

a god thru eternity

leading all

thru heavens doors

when he feeds

houses and tenderly

cares for the poor

all over the streets

of the city he keeps

reminding everyone

greatness is earned

by the deeds we do

each person we see

with no food or home

could be our mother father

sister and brother

whose only hope

is you and me

in one day

bloomberg could

wipe every tear away

with a few dollars

from the billions he saves

trading his title of king

for compassionate god

whose only goal

is the well being of all

isn’t that

what mayors are for?

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